a self-absorbed travelogue

Raison d’être

Long ago I swore never to step foot into the “blogosphere.”  The name alone triggered my gag reflex, and any accidental glimpse into what constituted this “sphere” left me assured that 99% of what we do on a daily basis does not deserve to be posted all over the internet in comic sans.  That being said, my imminent trip to Georgia on a Fulbright grant is something a bit different from the usual day-to-day routine.  I offer this blog to my friends and family so that they can stay abreast of what I’m up to. There are, however, selfish reasons for this blog’s existence.  I have never been able to keep a journal of any kind.  This is primarily a result of my feelings that a blank page is an opportunity to write something more than a list of the utterly banal happenings.  As I enter into my 30th year, I have begun to realize the value of having some documentation of what was happening to me and what I was thinking (this would mostly have been useful for alibi purposes or at the vary least strengthened an insanity plea).  So I will write and you will ignore and we will all go forward as before.

As encouragement to author and reader alike, I have decided to make this a photo-blog.  Each week I will post images of my doings and will describe them in lurid detail.  Perhaps this will satisfy all who wish to know more about Georgian sights and sounds, but more importantly it will force me to document more fully my experiences among the Kartuli (Georgian for Georgian).

To my family: thank you for your support and your love.  To my friends: the two of you will have to meet someday.  To all the rest: please forgive my terrible prose and I hope you enjoy following me along on this the first real adventure of my life.  So without further gum-flapping let’s try this thing out, shall we?


One response

  1. Laura

    yayay! i’m excited for a photolog. although it may affect my phd productivity…

    September 15, 2010 at 00:45

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